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Why I eat the way I do!

Sooooooo some of you may know I have a few food intolerance’s the main ones being yeast and dairy. At first I though OMG this is gonna be crap NO CHEESE, NO BREAD , WAHHHHHHHH!!! I was also told no caffeine, coffee, black tea or chocolate!!!! as a Mum of three trying trying to work two jobs and look after my family coffee and chocolate were pretty much essential in my day to day life…like I seriously needed them to get through my  day. I’d be looking for my coffee fix literally as soon as I opened my weary eyes and then by mid morning I needed my chocolate/sugar fix, sad but true.

I was constantly sick, achy, tired and bloated, oh so bloated. If I was to list all my symptoms I’d be here all day long. So anyway a few years ago I did some investigating and even went to my GP had some tests etc and nothing came back, well nothing significant anyway. I’m babbling now so I’ll just get on with it.

So fast forward to this year when I really started to look at my lifestyle and what I put into my body. I also went and privately got intolerance testing. From that day on I changed my lifestyle. It was hard at first I had a terrible caffeine and sugar withdrawal headaches, shakes the lot.

After the initial first weeks or so my energy increased dramatically and I am no longer doubled over with tummy ache. I also noticed that my anxiety levels have come down too (I’m known for being a bit of a stress head ha). I also lost a bit of fluff 😉

I cut out all the things I am intolerant to and I now focus on a plant based diet with lots of healthy food including treats that are actually good for you. I have genuinely never felt better….so my new motto is eat well, feel well! 💚

Lots of love

Em xx

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