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Soooo Yoga!!!! 

Sooooooo I posted about my yoga journey a while back! My main focus then was about flexibility but as my practice has become more regular (1-3 times a day) my focus has shifted…it’s about finding space for me now and listening to my body and what it can do. 

I have become obsessed with the feeling I get when I step onto my mat and flow! My naturally anxious mind is eased and I feel comfortable with myself and my body! It amazing…like medicine for me. 

My flexibility however has increased probably double which is great for getting deeper in to poses but like I said it is no longer my main focus and I just thoroughly enjoy the process…I’m becoming mentally and physically stronger all because of my yoga practice 🙏

My attitude has shifted to gratitude and I am able to focus solely on the good in my life, and let me tell you I have come to realise I am a very very lucky lady 💖 I mean just look at my family 💖

How can I not be eternally grateful for everything I have. I’m grateful for my body now it produced 3 beyond amazing children…so pretty much I am thankful 💚 and yoga has made me realise this!


Love from Em xx

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